Oedipus Complex

Oedipus Complex was actually never planned to be that way. This demo, released in may 2003, mainly consists of older routines which were coded by Testicle/Payday in 1995. Back in that time, we in Payday decided to make a demo, but due to lazyness and simply an overflow of ideas for that demo, which would have taken too much effort and time to realize, the demo-project was cancelled.

Back in 2003 when we had our comeback to the C64-scene, we thought that a good comeback should include a good release. :-) The effects are old, but in combination with some nice graphics (which are as old as the effects) this demo is quite decent.

The whole demo was coded by Testicle/Payday and all the graphics (except some chars) were made by Fabu/Payday. The reactions on this demo were surprisingly positive, so we can't deny that we're seriously thinking about another demo...

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Demo noter

This is the source code for the disc note we used for our demo Oedipus Complex.


Who cares?

Who Cares is in fact not a true Payday-production. It was mainly coded by Testicle/Payday, when he was an active member of In Access/711. This demo is quite old, the release is dated back to april 1992. It shows the first steps in the demo-coding by Testicle and thus isn't very well styled or striking.

One annoyance of that demo is the missing gfx-support. Many graphics of that demo were not made by people of In Access/711. Anyway, as this demo can be seen as a forerunner of the Payday-productions, and ofcourse because of nostalgic reasons, we simply have to offer the download here.

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